If you have an artwork you suspect may be of great value or done by a Great Master of the South African art world, feel free to look at the instructions below. Please take into consideration the information that is needed and please be sure to supply us with a legitimate photo of the artwork if you wish to email us. Requirements

In order to get your art properly appraised, it is essential for you to give us the necessary information we would need to complete the valuation. Please keep in mind the short list of requirements to the right and read through all the instructions below. We require the following information to appraise your art:

- Your contact details

- The title of your artwork

- Your name

- Your email

- Your address

- Your telephone/ cellphone number

Art Description

Please consider the following information:

Object Description

- What is your object? (Is it a painting? Is it a single item, or part of a set or from a collection? Please describe.)

- What is the name of the artist or painter?

Described any markings or signatures

(Is there a title or an inscription on the reverse? Is it signed and/or dat- ed? Are there any printed marks?)

What is the medium?

(Oil, Acrylic, charcoal etc?)

What are the dimensions?

(Specify height then width in cm. Do not include the frame.)

Describe the object’s condition

(Note any rips, holes, stains, etc.)

What is the Provenance?

- How did you acquire the object? Do you know  anything about its history?

- Has the subject of your inquiry ever been exhibited or appeared in any publication?


 Any other comments you think would have an impact on the Valuation.