Rob MacIntosh

Born: 1949,  South Africa Rob is a self taught artist which has tended to liberate him from much of the formality of fine art which in turn has laid the foundation of Rob’s free spirited journey of personal expression. Rob works mainly in oils but enjoys merging the oil with acrylic in a mixed media style that is his own. His early work tended to be focused around landscapes and seascapes, but later he began to experiment with realism when doing wildlife scenes. This would later evolve into photorealism. In 1979 Rob was commissioned to paint former South African Heavyweight boxing champion, Gerrie Coetzee and his opponent, Big John Tate. In 1988 Rob emigrated to Tucson, Arizona in the United States. A year later in 1989 he was named the Best Animal Artist of the Year by the Society of Animal Artists. He later returned to South Africa, but still travels between the US and South Africa regularly. His work can be found in various public and private collections locally as well as internationally.   Rob McIntosh Rob McIntosh Rob McIntosh Rob McIntosh