Nerine Constantia Desmond

Born: 1908, Constantia, Western Cape Died: 1993 Nerine Constantia Desmond  was a versatile artist, who was accorded recognition particularly for her work in water colour. In other media, her emphasis was on the decorative and illustrative aspects of composition and during her career she devised or adopted several non-painterly procedures, which lend themselves to decorative effects.

Her water colour paintings were devoted primarily to land and seascape. Figures occurred frequently in her oil canvases and panels. Her emphasis was on two main themes which were pastoral subjects, showing sheep and goats and their attendant shepherds.

Artist CV

Exhibitor on SASA-related exhibitions c.1898 - 1950: 1936: SASA sect., with NA & jndep. artists, 6th Annual Exhibition of Contemp. Art, SANG, 17 Dec - 17 Feb. 1937.

1938: SASA sect., with NA, 8th Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, SANG, 15 December - 15 February 1939.1940: SASA 37th Annual Exhibition , AG, Burg St, 29 January - 10 February 1941: SASA 38th Annual Exhibition, SANG, 17 February -31 March 1942: SASA 39th Annual Exhibition, SANG, 23 February - 18 April. 1942: SASA Winter Exhibition (venue not stated) 14 - 29 August 1943: SASA 40th Annual Exhibition, (in comb. with NSA) SANG, 1 February 1944: 41st Annual Exhibition of SA Contemporary Art, org. by SASA with other Societies, SANG, 25 February.

Nerine Constantia-Desmond Nerine Constantia-Desmond Nerine Constantia-Desmond