Jaco Van Schalkwyk

Born: 1979, Vanwyksvlei, South Africa Jaco Van Schalkwyk is regarded as one of the most talented young artists in South Africa at present. His works are currently in high demand in South Africa as well as the United States. He specializes in wild life, other animals, still life’s and figure studies. He finds is inspiration from the everyday South African surroundings. He is well-known for doing domesticated animals, such as Nguni and dairy cattle, goats, farm horses and wildlife. A lot of this is portraying his experiences as a young boy on his grandfather’s farm in Mpumalanga as well as his experiences on a dairy farm where he worked after leaving school. He has been working from the same studio as acclaimed artist Marie Vermeulen-Breedt for the past six years now is also currently finishing his BA Degree in Fine Art History at Unisa. In 2008 he did an Artist Residency at the New York Art Students League, Vytlacil Campus and studied different works of Jan Vermeer in New York and Washington. He has held several solo and group exhibitions throughout South Africa.
Artist CV
Atmosphere is central to Jaco Van Schalkwyk's paintings. The theoretical play of light and shadows is more important to him that the subject matter. He finds inspiration in his South African Surroundings and especially wild and domesticated animals. By creating a sense of movement he endeavours to protray the character and mood of the subject matter. Jaco has taken part in numersous group exhibitions in South afric and abroad and he is represented in several collections. At present, the artist is working with renowned artist Marié Vermeulen-Breedt, while studying his bachelors degree in art history at the Universaty of South Africa. Jaco Van Schalkwyk Jaco Van Schalkwyk Jaco Van Schalkwyk Jaco Van Schalkwyk