Henk Serfontein

Born: 1971, Pretoria, South Africa Serfontein holds a degree in Fine Art (cum laude) and has also studied at the ‘Cite Internationale des artes” in Paris, France. He has also lectured art at tertiary level and adjudicated in national art competitions. He is also recognized as an accomplished curator for art exhibitions. In 2010 his work was selected as one of 36 finalists for the prestigious international ‘Gausch Coranity Painting Award’ and exhibition held in Barcelona, Spain. He was also invited to become the international resident artist at the Piramidon Centre of Contemporary Art in Barcelona for three months in 2011. Henk Serfonetin’s symbolic stations of resting and waiting evoke a certain romantic nostalgia, a hopeful intimacy, a place for the traveller to rest his weary bones. Yet they also contain a more sinister dimension. They are places of weariness, heightened suspiciousness, in which the viewer could be both welcomed guest and unwanted intruder. Most importantly you know you are alone here, it is dark and there is a silence. His paintings ask you to listen inside and expose your soul. Henk Serfontein Henk Serfontein Henk Serfontein