Fritz Krampe

Born – 1913, Berlin, Germany

Died – 1966, Ootacamund, India

Art Education

– 1931 – 1933 : Berlin Academy of Arts under Professor Spiegel.

– 1933 : Munic Academy under Professor Hess.

– 1935 – 1939 : Master studies at Prussian Academy of Art, Berlin.

Short Artist Biography

– Fritz Krampe was interested in wild-life from his boyhood; wanderlust apparent even in his youth.

– 1932 : Fritz Krampe spent his vacation working on a cargo boat bound for Siberia; studies of whales and dolphins used in subsequent illustrations of “Moby Dick”; also produced lithographs illustrating “ Peer Gynt”.

– 1933 : Fritz Krampe worked in Munich for a year.

– 1934 : military service in Berlin, followed by return to studies.

– 1939 : World War 2 – military service in France and Poland; volunteered for Afrika Korps.

– 1941 : POW in Western Desert; taken to camp in Victoria, Australia; remained in Australia after the war.

– 1947 : Fritz Krampe returned to Berlin; commissions for book-illustrations on animal life; still restless.

– 1950 : immigrated to South Africa as a house-painter; stayed briefly in Cape Town, then settled in Windhoek, SWA; mural commissions. In his element with such easy access to nature in the raw; wrote articles on wild-life for SWA German.

 papers. However, continued wanderlust took him traveling and painting in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Europe.

– 1958 – 1961 : marriage to Herta Dickman ended in divorce three years later.

– 1966 : yet another safari-trip, through Middle East and Pakistan to Bombay. Near the mouth of the Ootaca River was gored to death by an elephant, which was found guarding his body.

Art Exhibitions

– 1951 : first South African one-man exhibition, Cape Town.

– 1952 : Van Riebeeck Tercent Exhibition, Cape Town.

– 1956 : First Quad of South African Art.

– 1958 – 1959 : South African Exhibition touring Germany, Holland, Belgium.

– 1960 : Second Quad of South African Art.

– 1962 : Art in South West Africa: – South African National Gallery, Cape Town.

– 1966 : Republic Festavale Exhibition, Pretoria.

– 1967 and 1968 : Commemorative Exhibition, South African National Gallery; Johannesburg Art Gallery.

– 1979 : “South African Printmakers”, South African National Gallery, Cape Town

Public Art collections

Johannesburg Art Gallery; William Humphreys Gallery, Kimberley; Hester Rupert Museum, GR; Rembrandt Art Foundation; South African National Gallery, Cape Town; Pretoria Art Museum; Association of Arts, Windhoek.

Fritz Krampe Fritz Krampe Fritz Krampe