Frank Sydney Spears

Born: 1906, Walsall,  England Died: 1991, Bishop's Waltham, England Frank Sydney Spears was born in Walsall, Staffordshire, England. He arrived in South Africa as a designer for Brimble and Briggs Ltd in 1928. He established a high profile as an artist , broadcaster and actor, but was also known for his success in business and as a boat designer. His early work was impressionistic and was referred to as “staid, stuffy and provincial”.

In 1949 he travelled to through the USA and here his style changed to a more abstract style. In the 1950’s he began to experiment with non-figuration, but was unable to relinquish his attachment to figurative elements. A personal mysticism began to shape much of his thought and he became interested in the relationship of painting, poetry and music. This was well received by art critics bored with the conservative works at SASA exhibitions in the 1940’s. He was especially commended on the SASA Member’s exhibition of 1950.

Artist CV

Exhibitor on SASA-related exhibitions c.1898 - 1950: 1934:

- SASA sect. , with NA, 4th Annual Exh. of Contemp. SA Art, SANG, 21 Dec. - 21 Feb. 1935.

- 1936: SASA 34th Annual Exh., Ashbey's Gallery, Church St.,5 - 11 Aug. 1936: SASA sect., with NA & indep. artists, 6th Annual Exh. o/Cont. Art, SANG, 17 Dec. - 17 Feb.1937.

- 1937: SASA 35th Annual Exh., AG, Burg St., 23 Aug. 1937: SASA sect., with NA, 7th Annual Exh. of Contemp. Art, SANG, 15 Dec. - 14 Feb. 1938. 1938: SASA sect., with NA, 8th Annual Exh. of Contemp. Art, SANG, 15 Dec - 15 Feb.1939.

- 1940: SASA 37th Annual Exh., AG, Burg St., 29 Jan- 10 Feb.

- 1941: SASA38 Annual Exh., SANG, 17 Feb.-31 Mar.

- 1942: SASA 39th Annual Exh., SANG, 23 Feb.-18 Apr. 1942: SASA Winter Exh. (venue not stated) 14 - 29 Aug.

- 1943: SASA Winter Exh., MMG, 14 -25 Sep.

- 1944: 41st Annual Exh. of SA Contemp. Art, org. by SASA with other Societies, SANG, 25 Feb

- 1945: 42nd Annual Exh. of Contemp. SA Art, org. by SASA, MMG, 6-20 Apr. 1945: SASA Members'Exh., Ashbey's Gall., Church St., 10-24 Sep.

- 1946: 43rd Annual Exh. of Contemp. SAArt,arr. by SASA with NSA, MMG, 5 - 23 Apr. 1946; SASA Members' Exh., Ashbey's Gall., Church St., 6 - 20 Sep. 1947: 44th Annual Exh. of Contemp. SA Art, arr. by SASA, MMG, 11 -26 Apr. 1947: SASA Members'Annual Exh., MMG, 9 - 22 Sep.

- 1948: SASA 45th Annual Exh., MMG, 20 Apr. - 1 May.

- 1949: SASA Members'Annual Exh., MMG, 14 - 27 Sep.

 - 1950: SASA 47th Annual Exh., MMG, (no specie dates), May. 1950: SASA Members' Annual Exh., MMG, 30 Aug. - 12 Sep.

Frank Sydney Spears Frank Sydney Spears Frank Sydney Spears